When Xigbar informs him that he was hoping to just have a “friendly chat” with him, Zexion tells him he has more work to attend to and finishes the conversation by telling Xigbar that if he is through working, then it would be in his best interest to get rest. Zexion summons a damaging black vortex in the center of battlefield which will draw Riku in if he gets too close, stealing two Soul Eater cards even if they are unloaded. I’m in big trouble if I don’t fetch it! Seeing that Vexen’s efforts to derail Marluxia’s plan had failed, Zexion sends Lexaeus to sway Riku into joining them, but Riku refuses to allow darkness to control him and defeats Lexaeus in combat. Zexion disliked dirtying his own hands, and relied on his wits to dispose of any rivals—but it was one of his own schemes that wound up destroying him. The true Zexion then jumps and performs a downward slam attack.

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Zexion’s deck will convert from his all-magic one to a deck comprised of Zrxion stolen Soul Eater Cards, three copies of Zexion appear alongside him, each with a false Soul Eater in hand. Zexion and his body clones create a sphere of energy in the center of the battlefield, rotating around and shooting powerful beams of energy at it. In Kingdom Hearts Re: The blue zeixon will rotate between the three lights thirteen times until it comes to a complete stop, after which the entire area will be bombarded by meteors, with Zexion’s laughing heard.

Chain of Memorieshe has a unique fighting style; he steals and hoards his foe’s cards until he has enough to use it in his own deck. Abilities zexio as Donald’s Comet Limit will prevent Sora from taking damage from the Lexicons as they rain down on him, also dealing damage to Zexxion book.


Retrieved from ” https: Its main form is named the Book of Retribution. This vortex will draw Riku in so long as it remains, dealing slight damage when he touches it and stealing two cards per hit.


He also appears as an optional boss in Kingdom Hearts II: Disguised as Sora, Zexion confronted Riku. Limit Form is a recommended Drive Form for zeion when within the pocket dimension, as its HP-restoring attacks will also deal great damage and not cause Donald or Goofy to disappear.

Artwork – Bosses – Enemies – Keyblades. This card can also recreate Books if the previous ones were destroyed. Some time shortly after Marluxia is found by Xigbar and inducted into the Organization, Vexen tromps down the stairs of Twilight’s Viewcalling out for Zexion and demanding to know of Xemnas’s whereabouts.

The card is distinguished by the “wing” of the blade’s design being orange instead of red, as well as the Soul Eater facing the opposite direction. Due to the absence of cards in the game, Zexion’s attack style has been completely changed. Monstro Armor of Eraqus No Heart. Should Riku use this card unwittingly, he will take damage and be stunned for a time, opening him up for more damage and allowing Zexion to easily steal more cards. A world of information not accessible by Gummiship.

This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: A long-lasting Limit such as Duck Flare or Comet can be used to zesion damage, but Ezxion can also rely on the Once More or Second Chance abilities if he has them equipped and then utilize Cure or a Potion when the attack ends. Riku is surprised to learn that Zexin is also in the castle, but Zexion tells zexin he would never be able to face him after zexuon such darkness in his heart.


Zexion – Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia

He decides to engage Riku in combat himself, but is eventually defeated. A few strands of hair fall over the exposed section of his face. Zexion grabs Riku, continuously damaging him. These cannot be reloaded while in Zexion’s possession, but this tactic zzexion be successfully dodged by Dark Mode’s “Quick Run”.

Originally intending to recruit Riku as an aid against the rebellious Marluxia, Zexion and the boy later clashed after Marluxia’s destruction, Riku naught but an annoyance to Zexion and, to a lesser extent, the Organization, with the traitorous Organization members having been defeated.

He has copies of his lexicon float around and attack the opponent. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. His standard attack now becomes a combo with each of the copies slashing once in turn. Disable this feature for this session.

He wears the signature black Organization cloak, boots, and gloves, though his cloak’s sleeves are slightly bell-shaped. However, once they have been captured, Zexion transports them to another dimension where lexicons float around, being conducted by Zexion, who can hide as a lexicon himself. Of the three senior members the other two being Lexaeus and Vexen with the lowest thrones in their meeting chamber, named “Where Nothing Gathers”, he seems to have the highest, while Vexen’s is the lowest, indicating he might be the most competent of the three.

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