These are standalone programs. Go To Topic Listing Tools. I know this is an old thread, but this is really the only place I’ve found that has speedtreecad 4. I’d be very grateful for help. But didn’t notice that it’s my case number. I think you mean. I need this program to edit trees of a game called Sims 3, the trees of this game were created using this program and are in.

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More control would be necessary Right speedtree 4.2, unless there is something really big that I’m missing, there is no dpeedtree to limit or turn on and off GPU instancing on the speedtere.

What we want to do is replace the above names with the DDS names of our newly generated Curly Palm dds files. Got my account set up and downloaded ST 4. The tree model doesn’t have apples attached, but there’s a separate apple nif in the package.

Speedtree performance -> -> – Unity Forum

I think you need something from the “Plugins” archive but no idea. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.


Posted February 3, Hence the x becomes a x So I was wondering if anyone still has a speedtree 4.2 of this program. But problem is still there from 5. For models, maybe http: The texture will pivot around the point which you designate here. Invisible collision works nicely in cases like that. Posted February 18, I have not had any emails from them.

Speedtree performance 5.3 -> 5.4 -> 5.5

Will probably have to wait and see if ST 6. The tree trunk file in there doesn’t display in nifskope so I have no idea what the deal is with that.

Clarify that I am a newbie in programming. Page 4 of 4 First The Leaf and Frond textures will eventually end up in a Composite Map and in an ideal situation you only want each map to represent a x space.

Speedtree is the speedtree 4.2 used by Metin2 to render trees speedtree 4.2 other kinds of vegetation. Maybe try running it in compatibility mode, I didn’t have to install anything special Win 7. Next, click on the thumbnail in the panel to adjust the pivot point.


Notice I deleted the SelfShadow line. This is going to open up those grayed out number fields and it will be considered index 0. This would also explain why Michael can’t export.

Enter the names of your textures with the following format as of version I already did that too, it is true, Maya and Max can open files. You can have more textures divided up in different ways on there so long as you do the math to get the coordinates.

Yeah, I tried that. Retrieved from ” http: Alex-LianNov 7, The Curly Palm is located in C: Posted December 20, Originally Posted by zapper Posted February speedtree 4.2,

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